Sharon Marlow Consulting is a consulting and advisory business, which was launched in response to demand from Marlow Recruitment’s clients, who were keen for flexible management coaching, human resource management expertise and professional advice.

Sharon Marlow Consulting provides the following services:

  • Human Resource Management
    • Addressing HR issues to ensure effective, efficient and compliant solutions and practices.
  • Psychological Assessment/Psychometric Testing
    • Providing expert psychometric and customised psychological testing to support job applicant assessment, to help ensure a good fit for the benefit of both the potential employer and the job candidate.
    • All tools used are ACER tests and the majority are based on Australia norms, including verbal and numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, self-directed search, as well as Knowdell career values and occupational interests.
  • Outplacement Services
    • Counselling and advising staff during retrenchment and outplacement to reduce anxiety and enhance employee success during the job search process.
  • Organisational Management
    • Resolving organisational management issues, including team building, while working closely with client management teams.
  • Change Management
    • Counselling staff and management during change processes to minimise anxiety and stress, and avoid dysfunction.

Sharon is highly experienced and qualified in this field, with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), a Diploma of Counselling and is an ACER accredited psychometric tester (M level).

Brittany is also highly experienced and qualified, being a qualified Lawyer, with a Bachelor of Laws and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. She previously worked as a Lawyer at an Employment Law firm wherein she provided practical advice to clients in relation to industrial relations, HR and Award interpretation. Brittany is able to assist our clients as a Human Resources Consultant, however, she is not able to provide legal advice in this capacity.