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For businesses and non-profit organisations


Sharon Marlow Consulting is a consulting and advisory business, which has been launched in response to demand from Marlow Recruitment clients, who were keen for flexible management coaching, human resource management expertise and professional advice in:


  • Human resource management
    • addressing human resource management issues to ensure effective, efficient and compliant solutions and practices
  • Psychological assessment/ Psychometric testing
    • providing expert psychometric and customized psychological testing to support job applicant assessment, to help ensure a good fit for the benefit of both the potential employer and the job candidate.
    • All tools used are ACER tests and the majority are based on Australia norms. Tools include; Verbal and Numerical reasoning, Abstract reasoning, Self -Directed Search as well as Knowdell Career Values and Occupational Interests
  • Outplacement services
    • counselling and advising staff during retrenchment and outplacement to reduce anxiety and enhance employee success during the job search process, and
  • Organisational management
    • resolving organisational management issues, including team building, while working closely with client management teams
  • Change management
    • counselling staff and management during change processes to minimise anxiety and stress, and avoid dysfunction

Sharon Marlow leads this service arm of Marlow Recruitment. Sharon is highly experienced and qualified in this field, with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), a Diploma of Counselling and is an ACER accredited psychometric tester (M level).


All solutions are custom built to meet client needs and developed one-on-one with clients to ensure that the solutions fit the individual needs of the client, and to maximize buy-in from management and staff, leading to effective and sustainable outcomes.


Psychological assessment


Psychological testing is delivered by Sharon Marlow Consulting in-house, which allows us to provide a customized and cost-effective solution for clients.


Effective psychological testing leads to high employee commitment, reduced employee turnover, and higher staff satisfaction. Psychometric testing provides quantitative and rigorous assessment of motivation and values, personality profiling and assessment of problem solving, team fit and work styles to assess potential, which significantly enhances the chance of success in a role.


Cognitive ability tests have been found to be far better predictors of future job performance than years of education, job experience and age combined (Schmidt and Hunter 1998). Cognitive ability measures used in connection with traditional methods such as resume review, reference checks and interview, maximize the predictive power and effectiveness of the selection process.


A transparent and objective selection process, utilizing psychometric testing also ensures a rigorous process that can pass the good governance hurdles of discrimination laws, freedom of information, equal opportunity and other government requirements.


The Self-Directed Search career counselling tool which is based on John Holland’s theory of careers, is amongst our toolset. It is extensively used with individuals and groups to explore career options. It benchmarks against a base of up-to-date Australian data, while many other tests use overseas data, making it far more relevant in the Australian workplace and hence increasing effectiveness.


As an experienced recruitment specialist, qualified counselor and certified Psychometric tester, Sharon is well placed to interpret and explain how the results of the testing apply in the context of each selection process.


Career counselling for individuals


Sharon Marlow Consulting provides expert advice to individuals and job seekers, whether in career choice, job search, career change or during outplacement, with the assistance of leading edge and well proven tools, including:


  • Certified, empathetic and practical counselling techniques
  • Psychometric testing including verbal, abstract and numerical reasoning assessment using leading edge and proven assessment tools
  • Work preference and personality testing, through analysis of personality traits
  • Self-Directed Search which is a career counselling tool based on John Holland’s theory of careers, benchmarking against a base of up-to-date Australian data, while many other tests use overseas data, making it highly relevant and effective
  • Effective resume and covering letter preparation
  • Interview preparation based on two decades of experience in advising and counselling candidates